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Dusting cobwebs

Monday, August 03, 2015

Dusting cobwebs.... dusting cobwebs..... *uhuk uhuk uhk!*

Anyway - it's been ages since I last post. I think i'm going to restart this. Not sure what to write yet but let's start simple.

To be back :)

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Why no more whining?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wanna bring up face to see things also cannot - bloody busy. Don't know whether it's day or night. Don't know if it's weekend or weekday. Damn it - i must not be working this hard. But do i have the choice?

It's not like i don't have OT for those extra hours. It's not like i can finish all in time during office hours. It's not like it's me alone who have that kind of work and life. My other colleagues have the same thing as well.

But are they really working? I don't know, and i don't care. I don't intend to find out about it either.

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Give me my gold anytime

Friday, March 28, 2008

Who don't want to, anyway? Gold is considered the most precious metal that you can find, and you can trade with it as well. Well, how? In gold bullion, of course. With gold bullions, you can buy and sell gold as easy as buy, and sell :) Well, literally.

But if you don't want to buy and keep it for yourself, then why not make some one happy with that? Maybe buy it and keep it for your children's future? For the longest time, gold price is just going up and up. One very good investment piece, if you ask me.

Else, you can use it for endowment purpose. Buy some, and keep it till you are old and ready to retire. With the rate it's going now, it'll sure appreciate somemore, and it'll give you a very nice retirement fund.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get some gold and keep it yourself!

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Told ya

Thursday, March 20, 2008

See what i say in the previous post? If only i could come over and just post something meaningful, or just pure crap, i'll be happy. But did i? I didn't even have this blog in my notebook's Firefox default tabs! From now on, this blog will stay updated, crap or non-crap.

Talking about crap, work these days are kinda crap. I have to stay back to settle my stuffs, and with my colleague possibly moving over to a new post, i foresee my load will be more. And with promise of more headcounts, i certainly hope the workload will be lesser.

Before that could happen, let's see if the new people coming in will give me any headaches or not. Communication problem aside - let's see how i'll last.


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I hate it when..

Monday, March 17, 2008

I hate it when i have to really commit myself when it's something that i want to do it leisurely. You know, like writing a blog. I don't know - probably it's something that i really got to do. If i don't commit myself, i won't really do it. Well, i'll do it, but it'll take a longer time for me to do it. And i'll probably do it for a few times and i'll just stop.

I have to commit to it, and it'll become something so natural that i don't even have to think about doing it. Like brushing teeth. It's like somehow programmed to your brain that you'd got to brush your teeth the first thing you woke up from your bed. That's the same kind of thing i'd like to happen to anything that i do.

But what if it really happened that way? Would i really be glad? :)

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More stuffs?

Monday, February 04, 2008

I'm so busy, that i didn't have time to update my rantings in this blog at all. That's supposed to be a good thing, but i don't really know. Now, my responsibilities has increased. Instead of just taking care of 2 countries, now i have another one to worry about.

Yeah - i have to take care of Korea as well now. Damn - not enough with Singapore & Thailand, now they have to mess further with my public holiday. Seriously, what's the odd of 3 countries having public holidays falling on the same day?

Great. The project manager in Korea doesn't really converse in English well - does that mean i have to go for Korea language class?

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Not much time

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You'll know when I'm busy when i didn't even to whine about my work here. You know - my colleague who's with the India team is currently on long leave, and i've got to backup her fully for this 3 weeks. Wanna whine also don't have time - really that bad.

But frankly, being busy is really good. The only thing that really throws me up is the fact that while being busy, the boss sees my utilizations based on the number and concluded that i'm under-utilised. Damn.

Seriously speaking, i'm kinda pissed at that kind of comment. Almost overworked, but still being told that i'm under-utilised. How else can you work in that kind of situation?

What can i do when the projects doesn't come as much as what we needed? And what about the time where i've got to cover up for other people - doesn't that count? Damn it. The more i think of it, the more pissed i get. Better stop. Sigh.

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How to compare cards?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's worst than having a credit card, and having to pay for it without even using it? How about getting a card with the interest rates so high, you would have to mortgage your house to repay it? Why settle for the hassle, when you could use the service of the Internet to do credit card comparisons before even getting it?

One of the things that you should for when comparing credit cards is what kind of reward programs they have. Credit Card Reward Program differs from company to company - some offer rebates, while some give you perks or gifts for your spending.

Other things to consider would be the interest rates (yes, it's not standard) - the cheaper, the better. Of course 0% interest rate credit cards would be the best, but if you can't get those, get the ones that offers you the lowest interest rate possible.

But then again, if you can just stop being tempted and just use cash instead - that would be awesome. But then again, those credit card marketers need to feed themselves as well :)

*this is a sponsored post*

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How to show that I'm busy?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What else can i do to prove that i'm not exactly that free in the office? Should i moved over nearby where the rest of the team sits, and actually discussed work with them? Do i need to stick myself to my seat and not move an inch from my desk?

Do i need to tell everyone around me not to disturb me if they come nearby for anything at all? Do i tell my colleague that need help with her projects that I'm too busy and cannot help her? Should I just tell everybody to do everything by themselves and not come to me for any help at all?

Help me - i'm really speechless. It's getting more and more ridiculous, day by day.

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Free? Heck no!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tell me something that I haven't know yet. Oh i forgot, the only reader coming to this blog is just myself :) But then again, what didn't i know these days? Besides the fact that there's people been bad-mouthing me to my big boss, and making her think that i'm too free again? This time, i heard it from my big boss mouth (albeit being a little bit far away) that I was kinda free. Again.

Yeah right. As if they didn't know it's the start of a new quarter, and orders are not exactly pouring in yet. And what's funny - my boss seems to agree as well that whatever orders that come in these few weeks doesn't justify for the extra headcount.

I thought that's not really our problem. He should have looked at the data from 1-2 quarters back, and not just 3-4 weeks back. They already have the data showing that the final quarter has the least number of orders, being year end and stuffs, and companies are out of funds and waiting for new year's budget.

Like i care. Wait - i should. Yeah right.

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